I'm Tyler. Seventeen, straight, openminded and arrogant.

Something everyone should know about me is that I'm looking for the girl who can make me smile every time I see her, the girl that can make my heart flutter with every word spoken, the girl who - in my eyes - is flawless.


Ladies, you may not realize this, understand this, or even believe this, but everything else we do is ultimately for you. Men don’t do anything–create art, build businesses, donate to charity, invent things, or do anything noteworthy–for any reason other than to impress women, and thus get them to have sex with us. If women didn’t exist, we’d still just be naked grunting apes living in caves. In a very real way, pussy is the key to human civilization. Renowned intellectual Geoff Miller believes sexual selection (men doing things to impress women) is probably the reason culture exists at all, and even Darwin himself said that sexual selection is more important than natural selection. You don’t have to like it, but it’s a fact; if you understand it, you understand men.

Tucker Max

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